Tuesday, May 1, 2018

It's Christmas Time Again!

The tradition continues but this year we got to attend the Nutracker Ballet with friends! The PNB did not disappoint!

The local tree farm 15 minutes down the road had the perfect tree for only $25! Knox couldn't contain himself when he found out he would get to use the chainsaw to cut down the tree.

Happy 8th Anniversary to these love birds! We know each other too well and each of us got a Benchmade knife. We then took our first overnight without the kids and spend a night in Anacortes. It was pretty fantastic!

Family Christmas Card Photo


Autumn on the Farmstead

So much happened in a very short amount of time between August and November. Here is a rundown.......

Halloween -We visited Bob's Corn the day before Halloween to pick a few pumpkins.
The Dunbar's invited us to enjoy some friends from the Sultan Ward and trick-or-treat in Index. We had a ton of fun and I definitely preferred visiting a small town over a neighborhood.

Aidy and I attended our first Fiber Fusion and fell in love with all of the beautiful wool and varieties of fibers! Spinning and knitting are both hobbies that have been added to the "to-do" list.

 We had our annual Pumpking Patch trip to The Farm at Swan Trails with Sonshine Preschool.

This year we bought our 1st 1/4 side of beef from a family in Sedro Wooley. Aidy and Trig came along to pick up our meat from Del Fox in Stanwood. They were very excited to see all of our "cow meat"!

A visit to Bricks and MiniFigs is a sure way to make sure Knox and Trig like their birthday presents. Dinner and a stop at the local lego store make like simple.

The colors on the farmstead were absolutely gorgeous and it was a treat to see so many deer in the pasture.

Aidy began riding lesson with Miss Heather. She refers to Harley as her horse and is sure that she will have her on pony soon. Just keep working on daddy!

We traveled to Richland for Thanksgiving and took the guns along for our first range trip with the kids. It's now set....we are putting a shooting range in at home.

A buck named Johnson came to visit for a few months. The kids were told that he was here for a "hot date" with Rose and Millie so that they could have kids.