Wednesday, July 26, 2017

2017 4th of July at Ensign Ranch

2017 Columbia Tower Firefighter Stairclimb

A wrap-up of the 1st month at the Old Pipeline house

24928 Old Pipeline Rd  Monroe, WA 98272 officially became our new address on 6/23/2017.

We also celebrated the last day of school with a trip to Yoforit.

 First task at the new house was to remove trees and attempt to recover an old chicken coop. We ended up tearing it down and the chickens lived in the barn.

Griffen had Sam and Connor over for a sleepover during his first week home and they had an absolute blast shooting BB guns, riding bikes and hiking the trails around the property!

First kill!
 There was definitely lots of work to be done including clearing flower beds and the garden area, bringing in compost and overall cleanup.

There is plenty of fun to be had exploring, frog hunting and enjoying the tire swing.

Knox, Trig, Aidy picked 14 lbs. of raspberries at Bailey's u-pick for jam and freezing.

We cow-sat Rosie and learned to make lots of yummy things with all of the milk we were getting!

We brought home our first farm animals! Nellie and Rose are Nubian goats. They are the first of many additions to the Demiter Farmstead!

2017 End of the school year performances, reports and accomplishments!

Sonshine Preschool spring concert for Aidy and Trig.

Griffen was voted ASB President going into his 8th grade year!

Knox had his Kindergarten end of the year performance.

Knox gave his very first school report on the Crested Gecko.

Aidy and Trig's final day of Preschool for the 2/3 class and 3/4 class.

End of the year family BBQ at Chain Lake Elementary.

Let's get this summer started!!!!